Pakistan Super League 2019 Schedule

HBL PSL 2019 Schedule and Time

The PSL schedule for the 2019 edition has been released and will kick-start from February 14 in UAE. The last 8 matches of the PSL 4 tournament will be played in Pakistan with the final played in Karachi on March 17. SL 2019 Schedule is released and placed below. Here is how to get PSL 4 tickets for UAE matches.

The fourth season of the tournament will be played between February 14, 2019, and March 17, 2019, with matches expected to be played in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi during the UAE leg, and Lahore and Karachi for the final eight matches. Three of these matches will be played in Lahore and five in Karachi.

The number of teams in the PSL 2019 remains the same which means the number of matches in the PSL 4 will also remain pegged at 34. More information on the PSL 4 schedule 2019 has been released below.

The season begins with the first game between Islamabad United and Lahore Qalandars in Dubai on February 14, that will follow the opening ceremony which will be held on the same day. Action will move to Sharjah on February 20, while two matches will be played in Abu Dhabi on March 4 and 5. Matches after that will be played in Pakistan.

This opening ceremony was followed by the first match of the PSL04 between Islamabad United and Lahore Qalandars.

In the last season, there was a good demand for PSL tickets through the league stages of the tournament before it touched crescendo when the play-offs and the final came to Pakistan. The complete PSL fixtures with time are placed below for the 2019 edition.

PSL Schedule 2019 Time Table

Date Match Day Night Venue
14th Feb (Thu) Opening Ceremony / Match 1 Islamabad vs Lahore Dubai
15th Feb (Fri) 2 + 3 Multan vs Karachi Peshawar vs Quetta
16th Feb (Sat) 4 + 5 Islamabad vs Multan Lahore vs Karachi
17th Feb (Sun) 6 + 7 Islamabad vs Quetta Peshawar vs Lahore
20th Feb (Wed) 8 Quetta vs Multan Sharjah
21st Feb (Thu) 9 Peshawar vs Karachi
22nd Feb (Fri) 10 + 11 Multan vs Lahore Islamabad vs Peshawar
23rd Feb (Sat) 12 + 13 Quetta vs Lahore Islamabad vs Karachi
24th Feb (Sun) 14 + 15 Peshawar vs Multan Quetta vs Karachi
26th Feb (Tue) 16 Multan vs Islamabad Dubai
27th Feb (Wed) 17 + 18 Lahore vs Quetta Karachi vs Islamabad
28th Feb (Thu) 19 + 20 Multan vs Peshawar Karachi vs Lahore
1st Mar (Fri) 21 + 22 Peshawar vs Islamabad Multan vs Quetta
4th Mar (Mon) 23 + 24 Quetta vs Peshawar Karachi vs Multan Abu Dhabi
5th Mar (Tue) 25 + 26 Lahore vs Peshawar Quetta vs Islamabad
7th Mar (Thu) 27 Karachi vs Peshawar Karachi
9th Mar (Sat) 28 Lahore vs Islamabad Lahore
10th Mar (Sun) 29 + 30 Karachi vs Quetta Lahore vs Multan Karachi, Lahore
12th Mar (Tue) PSL 2019 Eliminator 1 (3 vs 4) TBA Lahore
13th Mar (Wed) PSL 2019 Qualifier (1 vs 2) TBA Karachi
15th Mar (Fri) PSL 2019 Eliminator 2 TBA Karachi
17th Mar (Sun) PSL 2019 Final TBA Karachi

Match Timings (UAE & Pakistan Time)

Opening Ceremony: 7:00 pm GST / 8:00 pm PKT
Opening match: 9:45 pm GST / 10:45 pm PKT
Day Matches in UAE: 3:30 pm GST / 4:30 pm PKT
Night matches in UAE: 8:00 pm GST / 9:00 pm PKT
Single-headers in UAE: 8:00 pm GST / 9:00 pm PKT
Last 8 matches in Pakistan timings: 7:00 pm PKT

The grand opening ceremony of the 2019 Pakistan Super League was held on February 14, 2019, with performances from some of the biggest names in the global and Pakistani entertainment industry.

Pitbull was expected to headline the PSL opening ceremony this upcoming edition but couldn’t make it to the tournament. Pitbull aside, there were performances from Junoon and pop star of the era gone by, including Boney M who made their presence felt. Others included the likes of Young Desi, Fawad Khan, Aima Baig & Shuja Haider as they lit up the start of the fourth season of the PSL.

Last season, there were three games that were played including the final in Karachi and two other playoffs in Lahore. We had seen six teams fight it out for the top honours, with each of the sides featuring in a two-leg round-robin league. Every team played 10 games and at the end of the league stage of the competition, the top four sides played in a playoff. The third season of the PSL was won by Islamabad United who defeated the Peshawar Zalmi in the final.

The 2018 season was also the first ever edition featuring six PSL teams instead of five and each side will play each other twice. That accounted for a total of 30 matches during the league stage of the competition.

This was followed by the playoffs. The top two sides in the group stages of the competition clashed first up, with the winner qualifying for the final. This was then followed by an Eliminator, with the losing team bowing out and the winning side taking on the losing team from the first Qualifier. This third match, also an Eliminator, will be played followed by the final.

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