Lankan Premier League LPL 2019

Lankan Premier League Postponed to 2019

The inaugural edition of the Lankan Premier League has been postponed for now. Former cricketer Russell Arnold had been appointed as the manager for this new Lankan Premier League competition but this won’t be played in 2018 according to latest reports.

After an unsuccessful attempt to kick-start a T20 League a few years earlier, the first season of the Lankan Premier League (LPL) will be played in August this year. All the information around LPL live streaming, schedule, squad lists, tickets, predictions and any other news around it can be found below.

The Sri Lankan cricket board, which is undergoing a massive change of its own, will organise this new T20 league that will see former Sri Lankan cricketer Russel Arnold in the role of a director for this competition that begins from August 18. The LPL final will be played on September 10 this year. More on the LPL Schedule will be released once the SLC reveals the fixture list.

In an SLC media release, they said:

Sri Lanka Cricket is delighted to announce its aspiration to launch a T20 League with the participation of Sri Lankan and International players.

The only one season of the Sri Lankan Premier League, or SLPL as it was then called, was held in 2012, but just a season later, it had to be shelved because of sponsorship issues. There were attempts made to revive it but none as concerted as this one for the LPL which, one hopes will be a tournament that garners eye-balls from all over the world.

How many teams will participate in the LPL?

In the first season of the LPL, the Sri Lankan cricket board has announced there will be six teams. More could be added in the later seasons.

When will the LPL be played?

The first season of the LPL will be held between August 18 and September 10. The opening match will be played on August 18 while the final will be held on September 10.

What will be the LPL Format?

Simple format. Six teams play each other twice on a supposedly home and away basis but the matches won’t be played at too many different grounds. Major grounds like the ones in Colombo could play host to most part of the tournament.

Who all will feature in the LPL?

The SLC hope they can sign up for the big stars from the T20 world including the likes of Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Dwayne Bravo, Rashid Khan, Shahid Afridi, and if they were think bigger, even the Indian cricketers who do not play in any other T20 leagues except the IPL. However, the LPL could clash with the T20 Blast and the CPL which might prune down their star value. This is, obviously, over and above the Sri Lankan cricketers who will be in action.

How can I watch the LPL live on TV or online?

More information on this will be released later.

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