Two Chinese Players Could Feature in PSL 2018

Two Chinese Cricketers to feature in PSL 3

In an interesting development, two Chinese cricketers will become a part of the Pakistan Super League next season.

Peshawar Zalmi have signed up for these two Chinese players for the next PSL but more information on them is still awaited. What’s known for now is that the players are from the Chinese national side, and have been selected for now – a contract is still to be signed though.

There is also another proposal, and that is to make China a neutral venue for Pakistan’s home games. For now, Pakistan’s home international matches are played in the UAE after the 2009 terror attacks on the Sri Lankan team. A move to China will be an interesting one given the fledgling support for cricket in the country.

Javed Afridi, the owner of the Peshawar Zalmi said:

We have organized a number of cricket matches to introduce this game among the locals. We provide free transportation to attract more and more people to watch cricket.

One of the reasons, Afridi explained, behind the decision to bring in the two Chinese players was to explore the Chinese market as far as sports and cricket goods is concerned.

Pakistani Community Keqiao (PCK) President Abdullah Afridi has said his organisation would love to help the locals build a cricket stadium in the city.

He said:

We organize cricket matches on week-end to promote this game among Chinese people.

Cricket isn’t a popular sport in China and while efforts have been taken to rope in the country, they have still been lagging behind in terms of their cricket standing so far. China made its international debut in 2009, and has played in the 2010 and 2014 Asian Games.

While China Cricket Association has boasted of very lofty goals – they were looking to qualify for the 2019 World Cup and attain Test status by 2020 – it hasn’t quite got to those levels yet. Which is also why the selection of these two players will come as good news for Chinese cricket.

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