Why no Indians in the PSL, questions Sunil Gavaskar

Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar has asked the rationale behind having no Indian cricketers players in the Pakistan Super League but has asked an interesting question along with it.

Indian players haven’t featured in the first two editions of the Pakistan Super League, but with the BCCI towing a strict line when it comes to dishing out T20 NOCs, they haven’t participated in any other T20 cricket tournament around the world either.

However, Gavaskar wants to understand whether the Indian cricketers and officials like umpires and commentators have even been invited to feature in the PSL?

Speaking to the Indian news channel NDTV, Gavaskar said a lot of questions have been raised when Pakistani cricketers haven’t been allowed to feature in the Indian Premier League but the same should be asked the other way around – have Indians been allowed or asked to play in the Pakistan Super League?

He said:

“I think when it comes to Pakistan Super League, have you seen any Indians around in the Pakistan Super League while Pakistanis, particularly commentators have been part of the Indian Premier League. So it is something that’s got to be done both ways and not just one-sided.”

Gavaskar added if the player or the commentators haven’t been invited they obviously cannot go to the Pakistan Cricket Board to ask them to pick them.

“So presumably, if they were not asked, how can they go and how can they play. They can’t turn down and say, ‘Please pick me, please pick me.’ That’s the height of desperation.”

What do you think? Should Indian cricketers be invited to feature in the PSL?

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