CPL, PSL Annual Series, a Future Possibility

CPL, PSL in talks to collaborate for annual seriesIn what should come as exciting news for Pakistan cricket fans, the winner of the Pakistan Super League could face the Caribbean Premier League champions in an annual series from 2018.

According to a report in Cricbuzz.com, the organisers of PSL and CPL are in talks to kick-start a three-match series which will involve the champion sides from the two sides. The series, if it materialises, could be played in the USA. With a diaspora of population from Pakistan and the Caribbean, the USA looks to be an excellent option.

While this idea is still in its proposal stage, there look to be many takers for the series, expected to be played from next year, given the commercial viability involved with it. This CPL-PSL series will be played over four days.

When quizzed about this, the chief operating officer for CPL, Peter Russell, said:

“It would make the most sense, to have a three-game series over four days. You have to look into all the practicalities – the commercial viability of it.”

“The US would be a great place to play games like that. There’s definitely a feeling here that there’s a great Pakistani community, and obviously a great Caribbean community as well, so it’d be an interesting place to play it, wouldn’t it?”

Interestingly, the CPL has been running into losses right throughout the first four seasons of the competition, which means the organisers are looking for methods to monetize their property as well.

Russell said:

“Why wouldn’t we do it? It seems to be a good opportunity. We are always looking to evolve here and that is definitely something on our wishlist. It’s a big thing to sort out but we’re a progressive bunch here and would like to move things forward in that regard because it gives an identity – whoever wins this tournament is going on to something else. That was what was so good about the Champions League.”

The Champions League is now defunct after failing to take off financially given the lack of spectator interest in non-IPL matches, but as a concept it was an interesting one. Top teams from different leagues in the world qualified for the competition and faced off in a bid to be crowned the best club in the world. It was last played in 2014.

Would you like to see something like the Champions League being revived with the PSL champions featuring in it?

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